Recycling Week is all about educating New Zealanders of best practice waste minimization and recycling and encouraging conscious procurement and disposal of items and packaging, to create a waste free future for New Zealand.

Launched in 2013, an ever-increasing number of organizations (schools, corporates and everyone in between) are having fun and learning by taking part in the week.

Each day of Recycling Week features an easy-to-remember theme that will challenge and encourage you to re-think your waste minimization and recycling behaviours.
Each of these themes has plenty of activations, interactions and games to select from, click on the logos below to find out more.

Procurement Monday

When we buy a product we also buy any waste associated with the product.

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Waste-free Tuesday

The average Kiwi sends nearly 800kg of waste to landfills yearly, of which 3/4s could be recycled.

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Reusable Wednesday

By using a reusable drink bottle, you could save hundreds of drink bottles yearly.

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Rinse and Clean Thursday

Contamination is any item in the wrong waste stream, and means materials cannot be recovered.

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Reflection Friday

Brainstorm new recycling initiatives for your office, classroom or home.

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Spring Clean Weekend

Recycling is great, but turning your unwanted items into something new and useful is even better.

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Have questions? Unsure of how to get started?

If you have any questions regarding Recycling Week 2022 or how to get involved, feel free to email Reclaim's Sustainability Manager, Nathalia Gonzales at You can also keep up to date with the latest Recycling Week news on our Facebook page.

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