Collection of your information.
We collect information on the usage of the website, such as pages visited and most popular pages. This helps us determine what people, like you, are most interested in and we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. We do not share this information with any third parties.

Changes to your personal information.
Your personal information is available on-line for you to view and amend with our on-line administration function. Once you are logged into the site, please click on the ‘Update Details’ link next to your login name (at the top of the page). You will be emailed any changes you have made to your contact details. Please contact us if you have any questions about your personal information on our site.

Management and protection of your personal information.
We will take reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. This will include using virus protection, firewalls, secure servers, login and password identification, and encryption for online payments.

Your personal information will be stored with us so long as you are a ReClub member or continue to use our website. To be removed form any mailing lists you need to contact us on our contact form or click the 'Unsubscribe' link on any email communications.

We will only use your information for the purpose of providing the services outlined on

Use of Cookies.
Cookies are small amounts of information stored on your hard drive that help you navigate around the site or save you from having to enter information you may have entered previously. For example, when you sign in as a ReClub member, a cookie is stored on your computer so that the website can recognise you and allow you access to features on our website. You do not have to accept cookies, however this will create more work for you.

Most browsers these days are set up to automatically accept cookies but yours can be set up so that it will not. You can do this by changing the cookie preference on your browser. This information collected is used for our purposes only.

Recycled Marketplace Advertisers.
Companies and individuals advertising on the Recycled Marketplace section of our website may promote the use of their third party websites. If you click on a link you may be redirected to another website whose privacy policies may differ from our own. We do not endorse the websites of any third parties. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the privacy policies of any such third party websites. does not endorse any products or services advertisied by third parties. While reasonable care and attention is placed on accepting listings, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damages resulting from any contractual arrangements made between sellers and buyers. does not receive any commissions or any form of compensation from any activities undertaken via the Recycled Marketplace.

Email communication.
We use your email address during the ReClub registration process so we can send you your login and password details. It also allows you to upload photographs and videos and contribute on the Message Board. Your email will be used by to communicate relevant news items, events, surveys and competitions. These communications will contain a clear ‘Unsubscribe’ option so you can unsubscribe at anytime. Your email address is always kept private from other members on the website. Your e-mail address always stays private.

Security of your username, login, and password.
You are responsible for ensuring the security of your username, email address and password. If you disclose this information to third parties, then you are solely responsible for any misuse of that information. will never ask you for your username, email address or password by email.

Using the Message Board.
As a message board participant, you must show respect for personal privacy. Do not post personal or confidential information about any individual or company on the board without the permission of that individual. Do not use offensive language, post offensive material, or make inappropriate comments to other participants. Please respect any conditions that other participants put on use and attribution of information posted on the board.

You must not use the board for commercial purposes, for instance to sell or advertise products or services. The Recycled Marketplace can be used to promote approved products and you may use our contact form to register your interest. You can make members aware of relevant events and share your experiences, both good and bad. You must not share your member password or allow others to post to the board under your identity.

If a participant breaches any of these terms and conditions, please notify us immediately. We will take down any material that breaches the terms and conditions and suspend the registration of the participant. We will discuss the matter with the participant. Reinstatement of registration is entirely at our discretion. We may also take down material and suspend or cancel registration at our discretion at any time.

Our liability is limited to the material that we, as representaives, post on the board. We do not accept any liability for information posted by other message board participants. In particular, we do not accept any liability for the uses of information posted by others, and we do not guarantee that information posted by participants is correct.

Only materials deemed suitable and in an appropriate will be posted. will use its best endeavours to provide acurate and useful feedback and accepots no liability for any errors made in interpreting information supplied.