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Azurlis Skin Care

Azurlis Skin Care

“Azurlis® Skin Care – Balancing Science & Soul reflects a holistic approach to skin, body and soul, fusing the knowledge gained from scientific research with ancient principles that have stood the test of time.

We are mindful of what products we use on our skin, and how these are manufactured.

We encourage environmentally friendly awareness and practices, and in doing this we believe in contributing to the sustainability of our unique planet and our own wellbeing.

We believe that this is best achieved through adherence to organic certification of food, farming and personal products. This approach is our motivation to obtain Natural certification for all our products, although many of our ingredients are already aligned with organic certification standards for personal care products.”

Azurlis Skin Care


Our products are hand blended in New Zealand in
small batches in order to maintain their potency and
effectiveness and have been developed for their healing,
nourishing, anti-ageing and restorative properties.
Only the highest grade certified organic, wild crafted
organic and natural ingredients are used in our
processes. To evoke the senses we use the purest
therapeutic grade essential oils to fragrance the products
and to uplift and fortify the skin, body and mind

Our Commitment
To create products which embrace the true healing and
restorative power of nature.
To be aware of the impact every person, or product has
on our environment.
Verité in French means ‘truth’ and we like to speak it.
Each and every product we make is harmoniously and
ethically made with honesty and respect to the plant
energy and essences put into them.
We believe this ‘bottled love’, is passed onto the you
to energetically nourish, balance and restore the body and mind.