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Riverstone Design

This beautiful artwork was commissioned for our sponsor, Reclaim Ltd. The artist, Paul Martin, used mixed media (collage and environmentally friendly paints) on recycled substrate board to create this 1.8m x 1.2m artwork which is displayed in the main office & on other company collateral. Contact Paul, artist and graphic designer, on 0274 773 441 for commissions and more information.
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Glass Wizard

This boutique glass blowing company is based in Raglan. They make artwork from recycled tv screens. Contact David Yorston on 07 8258165 or email
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Kaipara Coast Sculpture Garden

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens is a tranquil, peaceful oasis set in gardens on a rural property looking out to the Kaipara Harbour, about 35 mins drive from Auckland city. It features selected contemporary sculptures (many made from recycled materials), created by established and emerging New Zealand artists. These are all for sale and the exhibition changes completely each year. Interested artists should submit proposals for exhibition on Kaipara's website.
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Janice Napper (Artist)

Artist Janice Napper often has environmental messages in her art, and her Found Objects range of work is one way she gets her message across, she says. She creates beauty out of things she finds that might otherwise become waste, buried in a landfill forever, where the value of the resource is ultimately lost. Janice gives these pieces of “found objects” as she calls them, a new sense of life (and inherent value) in her work. She has plenty of other beautiful contemporary work displayed on her website.
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Anya Mowll - Plastic Plankton

Artist and photographer Anya Mowll makes strong environmental statements in her art. Her 'Plastic Plankton' exhibition is a stunning collection of interesting works inspired by plankton and made out of plastic. This series represents the horrible fact that millions of tonnes of plastic in our oceans actually resembles plankton that species low in the food chain ingest. This leads to serious problems further up the marine food chain, which ultimately (and rather ironically) results in humans eventually ingesting the dangerous chemical compounds that plastic is made of. Anya says, "I wanted it to look beautiful, it is almost like macabre art, maybe a bit more subtle though. You start seeing the horror as you enjoy the beauty...I think by seeing a plastic bottle like that people start noticing them in their hands after they finished the drink or see them on the street and see an object that has an effect on nature that we can control by recycling it and not letting it harm the environment."
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