Recycling for Kids

This section of our website is designed for school children, teachers, and parents. Here you will find downloadable stickers and posters, various teaching aids, and some neat videos that we have selected for youth learning. Once approved by us, you can upload your own recycling videos here to share with other children. Use our Contact Form to get in touch if you would like anything else added to this page.

If you want a test questionnaire loaded for your school, so the results are collected for you to mark, please request this using our Contact Form.

Resources for Kids, Parents, & Teachers

Parents and teachers, please feel free to download and use these resources for fun learning about recycling at home or school.

Some of the initiatives include:

  • Make your own worm farm
  • Build a compost container for your yard
  • Sort your recycling
  • Make you own paper
  • Learn how to turn old newspaper into fire bricks
  • Do a waste audit

There are some additional websites that you might like to check out on our Great Kiwi Recycling page. Click this link for some additional resources, like recipe ideas for wrap free lunches, and many other fun things that Kiwis are getting involved in!

Resources for Teachers

Teachers, here are some excellent teaching manuals and exercises that will give you plenty of ideas for classroom activities to get the kids active and engaged with caring for their environment!

School PostersSchool Posters
Neat posters for you use around your school. You can print them as A3 or A4.
 Make your own worm farm!Make your own worm farm!
Here you will find some basic hints and tips for making your own worm farm, as well as how to manage it, and where you can buy one from if you'd prefer not to make one.
Waste Wise Organic Recycling ProgrammeWaste Wise Organic Recycling Programme
This is an excellent classroom manual packed full of great ideas for composting in schools. Families might also find much of what is in these pages very useful for keeping the kids busy during the holidays.
 Waste Wise School PackWaste Wise School Pack
This is a great resource for teachers and schools by Waste Education Services (an initiative funded by Tasman District and Nelson City Councils). It provides useful guidelines for schools and teachers who want to integrate waste management education into their curriculum.
Recycling Word Find for children aged 6-10Recycling Word Find for children aged 6-10
Have a go finding these 20 recycling words in this fun word find.
 Recycling Word Find for Children aged 10-14Recycling Word Find for Children aged 10-14
Give this fun, but challenging word find puzzle a go and try to find all 30 words.
Recycling Crossword for 6-10 year oldsRecycling Crossword for 6-10 year olds
The 10 clues of this quick cross word should help you figure out the recycling terms quite easily. Give it a go.
 Recycling Crossword for 10-14 year oldsRecycling Crossword for 10-14 year olds
Give this recycling crossword a go! There are 19 questions, some are easy, some are hard.
Children Recycling Around the WorldChildren Recycling Around the World
You can download this picture and print it in A3 or A4 for some colouring-in fun. These children are from all over the world and are committed to recycling just like you are.
 Join the Dots ActivityJoin the Dots Activity
What recycling picture is revealed in this join-the-dots exercise? Challenging enough for older kids, but younger ones will still have fun with it.
Recycle Truck MazeRecycle Truck Maze
Try to get the recycle truck through the maze to pick the driver's last cage of cardboard before he stops for lunch.
 School Stickers School Stickers
To print the stickers off for your classroom, you need to use Avery L7169 labels. Each sheet provides 4 labels and they are available from many stationery stores, such as: Warehouse Stationery

Cool Recycling Videos

Busta and Pong's Recycling Song

Busta and Pong's Recycling Song

Busta and Pong's Recycling Song made by Recycle UK team, great for younger kids.
The Three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Jack Johnson Reduce, Reuse, Recycle song has been turned into a cool video. Great for younger kids!
Junk Yard Jim

Junk Yard Jim

Three short cartoons spreading a great message for primary school children.
Catchy Recycle It Song

Catchy Recycle It Song

Catchy "Recycle It" Song! Great for putting on while kids are playing a recycling game.

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